Friday, September 28, 2007


If you like Danish design and cute feminine clothing with an edge, I can highly recommend "Nümph", the clothing company which made my favourite dachshund tee:
Great quality, puffsleeves and cut slightly longer than normal tshirts (which is great as I hate to expose my underwear when bending over).

I just ordered this owl top too - I hope it has the same great fit.



lisa s said...

oh my god. so cute!!

Lisa said...

I second that!

Hello there, Anke. How's your shop?

--the 'other' Lisa :)

Anke said...

My favourite Lisas - together again!

The shop is keeping me superbusy (I have a whole even superbusier Saturday ahead of me today and wish I could just stay in bed...) - that's why I have been MIA for so long from flickr. I've just started to get my English blog back on track. More photos, less typing...for now. :) I hope it works out this time.
So happy to see you both here!!!

Liquid Sky Arts said...

I love these... I was just chatting with a friend yesterday about how I love longer tops too.

I'm so happy to see your new blog, I'm going to add you to my links.