Sunday, September 30, 2007

Speaking of doilies...

...I almost forgot my new bicycle basket!


I've had my eyes on "Carrie" for months and knew I would eventually break down and order it in Denmark. Then one night when my husband picked me up after work, we passed this little shop called "Scandinavian Objects" ( which is on the same street as our shop. was right there! In the window! We were so excited, we didn't even ask for the price. And when the shop owner finally told us, we misunderstood what he said...that was one expensive bicycle basket! My darling husband bought it for me without flinching...well maybe there was a little twitch in his left eye... And to top it all off - I don't even have a bike! (Yet...)


lisa s said...

lucky lady. it's beautiful!

Sheree said...

I thought I had a cool bike basket! This is incredible! Enjoy her. :)

Anke said...

It is really sturdy and well made too.

Hi Sheree - I'll have to check out your bike basket sometime soon! :)