Friday, October 19, 2007

It's probably a good thing...

...that I'm not living in Denmark. I'd be totally broke all the time. How come so many wonderful designers are Danish? True, I could buy a lot online, but luckily the shipping costs are holding me back or we would have to live on Ramen noodles.


Do yourself a favour and head over to their website. If you are anything like me you will want EVERYTHING. Just look at the fabric of this dress!

I slept a little better last night - thanks for your concern, Lisa! - probably because I was so tired my body just decided it needed some rest and knocked me unconscious. Two nights ago I woke up at 2am (I fell asleep maybe 5 minutes earlier) with my heart beating in my throat because someone was running on the roof with what sounded like cement shoes (we are on the top floor of a 5 story building). I thought they tried to beat down our door... Not helping with my "sleeping alone" issues. At all.


lisa s said...

yay. so glad you got some sleep!!!

oh i must stay away from that website. you think the shipping to germany is bad?? ha!

what is it w/ the danish? is it in their blood?

Liquid Sky Arts said...

I totally agree, the Danish have got great style! I love this site, the childrens kimono style tops are gorgeous too. Thanks so much for the link! :)

Anke said...

shipping costs outside of germany are always bad (sometimes the ones within germany are too...)...but the shipping costs to the us will probably be horrendous! :)

denmark...such a small country, so much style!