Monday, December 17, 2007

cookie time

Every year I bake a huuuuge amount of cookies...and somehow there aren't any left by the last day of christmas. Here are the first two batches:

almond paste angels
These angels are made of almond paste and dark chocolate. After a few minutes in a really really hot oven they keep their shape and taste much better. I bought a special "3d" silicone mold last year. You have to be quick or the almond paste is too brittle and dry. Most of the poor angels don't have elbows...they got stuck in the mold and wouldn't come out.

cinnamon stars
Cinnamon stars made with almond paste, dark chocolate and candied orange peel. The original plan was to make almond paste angels, but for some reason the dough was too dry. I mixed it with candied cinnamon, orange peel, almond flour and egg whites...and ...tadah!...they turned out pretty decent.

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