Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Into the woods.

I've been dreaming about bringing the outdoors in ever since I saw a magazine spread in a Danish magazine of a mostly white appartment. One wall was papered with Cole&Sons "Woods" wallpaper and I was mesmerized. Since then I've done a little research and here are the options I came up with:

cole sons
The famous Cole&Sons "Woods" wallpaper. Beautiful, but sets you back about 200$...per roll. I don't dare to estimate how much we'd have to spend to paper just one of our living room walls. Eeek! But still my favourite. Since we are renting this is probably not a great idea anyway...

Marimekko "Tuuli" fabric. Less pricey, but still...pretty pricey...

ikea anoo unni
IKEA "Sanno Unni" panel. About 25 Euros - super affordable. Every time I got to IKEA in the last couple of months they were out of stock (maybe that's a good sign?) so I haven't had the chance to see or feel them.

Maybe we should just move away from the city. :)

Any thoughts or suggestions? Have you tried any of these? Or something else? Let me know!

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