Thursday, March 13, 2008

good golly, odd molly

(photo: odd molly)

I really like clothes. I'm just not too crazy about shopping for them. Running around in busy shops and nothing looks remotely interesting. Or changing rooms. Taking everything off then putting it on now I've developed a very helpful skill: I can tell if clothes will fit me just by looking at them. So it figures that I love to buy clothes online. Especially when I find gems like this...please behold - drum roll! - the "magic dress" by the Swedish brand ODD MOLLY. I can SO picture myself doing magic in this dress...making elephants disappear and the like...or cupcakes.


lisa s said...

that's a pretty good trick. knowing what fits by looking at it.... :)

Anke said...

:) Cirque de soleil wants me for their new show...this will just wow the audience!