Friday, March 28, 2008

sweet gems.

How long I wanted to try these! Yesterday I treated myself to these exceptionally pretty macarons at the adorable Ladurée shop in the Galeries Lafayette here in Berlin. (Not a cheap treat I might add...they are packaged like jewels for a reason...)

Ladurée macarons

Ladurée macarons (from left to right: strawberry, chestnut, caramel fleur de sel, peppermint chocolate, red berries, lemon)

For some time now I was curious how they tasted - and now I know (no, no - I haven't polished them off yet!). Though they are almost too pretty to eat. Almost. Ha!
Sooo...They are softer than I expected and crumble easily when you handle them. Very fragile and sweeter (duh!) than I thought.

P. S.: So far I can say the "caramel fleur de sel" one is my favourite. Truely devine.
P.P.S.: I did some research and this site has a recipe and links on how to make your own macarons. I have to try that some time (after I did all the other millions of things I want to try).
P.P.S.:...and the lemon flavoured one...ah...


babaprincesse said...

hallo anke, hab dich bei flickr gefunden...und du bist in BERLIN, welch freude...ich werde mich jetzt gleich rückwärts durch deinen blog bewegen, sieht SO SCHÖN aus bei dir...viele grüße, sylvie

Holly Goes... said...

oh my! Those colours..the packaging! I bet it was hard to take the first bite! It is funny, what i know as Macarons in Australia are completely different to these they are basically a blob of creamy sugary coconut baked for a few minutes..but these look way better!

Freshly Found said...

So glad you enjoyed visiting South Africa. I am continually amazed by the creative talents of many of the people here.
Those macaroons look delish!

Anke said...

@sylvie: Hallo Sylvie und willkommen - immer schön, Landes- bzw. Stadtleute zu treffen!

@holly: It's the same in Germany actually. "Makronen" are usually made of shredded coconut and egg whites. Not bad, but these seem to come from a different planet! The first bite was hard...the next ones not so much... ;)

@freshly found: So am I...I took home so many ideas and so much inspiration and hope to go back soon.