Wednesday, April 30, 2008

...and now for something completely different.

dec cubes2
Ursprünglich hochgeladen von pilllpat (agence eureka)
I just discovered flickr user pilllpat from France. She collects vintage paper templates for toys, school posters etc. and is kind enough to share them on flickr. I've downloaded the cube template on the right, but her collection of pretty things is huge...I'm still clicking through her various albums. She also has a blog.
While fiddling with the cubes I'll probably listen to my newest obsession - BBC radio dramatisations, usually performed by renowned British actors (Stephen Fry!). I'm hooked. Classic tales like "A Room with a View", "Dracula" and one of my personal favourites: The Sherlock Holmes Collection (pretty nerdy, I know) - but they also feature radio plays adapted from contemporary literature. You can listen online to some of them at the BBC 4 website.


Yoli said...

Oh my God we are so alike it is frightening!!!

automatism said...

What a great find! Love this!


lisa s said...

wow. that is really neat. i'll have to check out pillpat....

and i'll have to give the BBC dramatisations a try!

Anke said...

...print them out and let's see what you all do with them! She also has a template for a paper Eiffel tower I like a lot.

@yoli - I hope it's not frightening but funny! ;)

Freshly Found said...

What an amazing collection pillpat has!