Thursday, April 03, 2008

clever storage

Over here it's all about spring cleaning and organizing (may I direct your gaze to the right side of this page? I even rearranged my links in alphabetical order...finally!) We gave about five bags of clothes to goodwill (years and years of packratting gone...) and generally tried to declutter all the corners that usually attract stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else. If money wasn't an option and we wouldn't be renting I would have build-in closets and drawers everywhere. I'm always looking for clever storage ideas and really liked the concept of these:

These floor cushions are meant to store your guest bedding when not in use. The small one holds a pillow (German sized ones - 80x80cm - so maybe you can fit in two 'internationally sized' ones), the larger one is for the duvet.
That got me thinking: Maybe you could buy one of these unstuffed leather poufs (which I adore, absolutely beautiful) and just do the same thing? It looks big enough to hold two duvets and two pillows. (Our guest bedding blocks half of our wonder we had to give all our clothes away...kidding!)


Yoli said...

Those are adorable!

Anke said...

...and so practical too... :)