Friday, April 04, 2008

living in a box

I love boxes. You can hide all kind of unsightly things in boxes. The place always looks tidy. (Maybe I should also develop a love for tags...sometimes I forget what is hiding in which box...) Small boxes, big boxes...and self-made boxes. When I have the time I like making boxes. Or to be more precise - covering boxes. I usually use an old shoebox (I rarely throw them out) and my favourite wrapping paper of the day and decoupage them inside (makes them sturdier) and out. I make a template first (lid and body are each made in one go) with a little 'seam allowance' at the corners, cover the paper generously with wallpaper paste and smooth it around the box.

cardboard box
A couple of air bubbles got caught under the paper...that shouldn't happen but sometimes it just does. Pricking them with a needle while the paper is still wet can help to smooth them out.

bathroom shelf - now...

You'll soon get the hang of how to make the templates. If you can, use a sturdy box as a base - it doesn't bend out of shape so easily when the glue dries.


lisa s said...

oh yes boxes [and i need to tag mine too!]

how are you sweet anke?

Yoli said...

I love it.

Anke said...

@I'm great now that you are back! :) Searching for something in untagged boxes - like christmas every day...
@yoli - thanks! :)