Saturday, April 05, 2008

wasting precious time browsing etsy (so you don't have to)

Don't you just love browsing etsy? I usually type in a random word and let myself be surprised what happens. (If you are thinking "This woman has too much time on her hands!" you just couldn't be more wrong. Aehm.)
"Black and white" is a new obsession of mine and here are my favourite etsy finds. As I can't buy everything I see (believe me, I've tried), here you go...have your pick.

Devine Mary-Jane-style "Walking in blanket-cloth slippers" by bobilina studio. Too beautiful for words.

Rude but hilarious - "Discreet contempt mini cards" by Earmark invitations. I can't count the times when I would have loved to hand out one of these. I'd add "please lower your voice, you're not as funny as you might think" and "leggings are not pants".

"Together" rings
by yaelfran - so cute and poetic.

"Fogberries" print by
taken by robin lynne. I really like the use of light in this one.

"Blackbird fabric pin" by
in my backyard. Not strictly black and white, but really pretty. Lovely on a black cardigan.

(photos: respective etsy sellers)

Have a nice weekend!


snicketyone said...

great picks!

Yoli said...

Oh you are just like me. I have an Etsy obcession lately. Great finds.

Anke said...

thanks guys - etsy is just so addictive...did you try the "pounce" feature?