Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Craving: DAY - Birger et Mikkelsen

I'm back and had a splendid time! The weather was fine, the infant cute and the parents proud (as they should be).
DAY is one of my favourite brands ever. I can even tell you the sad story of the DAY dress that never got to party at a wedding because it was stolen from my closet when someone broke into my appartment a couple of years back. (They took more than just the dress - note to self: always remove the tags right after purchase! - , including all of the jewelry I inherited from my grandmothers... I only had a few pieces, but they were of huge sentimental value. Oh - and my pillow. Weird and a bit scary.)

(I absolutely adore the striped cardi)

(love the neckline and the sleeves, not too crazy about the pants-under-dress-thing)

(love the scarf and the red shoes)

And a couple of my favourite pieces from their home range:

(white cinnabar -does such a thing exist?- boxes)

(black and white quilt...)

(pretty on a desk, filled with pencils)

A bit small, but just look at this absolutely perfect room...
(it even features a feather headdress - and how did they get the walls to look like that?)

(photos: day.dk)


stacy said...

those boxes are beautiful.

design for mankind. said...

Oh wow--- I've never heard of DAY. Thanks for the great link! :)