Friday, May 30, 2008

hot, hot, hot


The picture above is from an article (issued a while back) in "boligtorvet", a interior design magazine from Denmark. It features the home of designer Cecilia Granath. It seems her shop (where she sells baboushes, scarfs and all kinds of pretty things) is bordering on her appartment and both are just breathtaking. I love how she used the white wooden screens (I have a small similar one as a headboard) as a devider between two rooms. Her white washed wooden floors are absolutely droolworthy too.


My, my, is so hot over here you can't really do anything without breaking into a sweat. The heat also brought back my hayfever so I'm sneezing and wheezing and popping antihistamines (whoever invented/discovered them - thank you from the bottom of my heart!).
This weekend - if I'm not melting - I'll try to figure out my new sewing patterns for short puff-sleeved dresses. It's been ages (literally) since I've sewn a garment and hopefully it will all come back to me...
Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool... xo


lisa s said...

oh that is a pretty room...

sorry it's so hot already. it was chilly enough here to wear a sweater today! :)

automatism said...

Wow! This is truly gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this and have a good weekend too!


bandelle said...

Do you think that is a shell light fixture on the left? Pretty amazing! Hope you feel better soon.


Anke said...

Thanks Kylie! If it would just rain once, I'd be much better instantly! :)
I think it actually is a lamp. There is another picture of her living room somewhere (might even be another magazine, she is featured quite often) and the capiz shell thing is hanging in one of the's pretty big, from ceiling to floor. Love it too! :)