Saturday, May 24, 2008

My far.

I've realized I haven't posted any of my own pictures for a while, so today I'll take you for a little Saturday morning walk in my neighbourhood.
Saturday is farmers market day. It pays to get up early, the market gets supercrowded later in the day with people pushing and shoving. Sometimes it's so crowded you can't even make out what the booths are selling.

street signs Kollwitzplatz/Berlin
The market is located on the Kollwitzplatz/Berlin and named after Käthe Kollwitz, the famous female artist.

Kollwitzplatz farmers market/Berlin
You can buy all kinds of yummy food there. Fresh fish, handmade pasta, bread,...friends of our friends have a booth there where they sell all kinds of licorice.

Kollwitzplatz farmers market/Berlin
This nice lady sold lilies of the valley that were so fragrant that I just had to buy a bunch. Also appealing was that she and her son were dressed in Bavarian folklore outfits and their tiny "booth" consisted of simply two buckets of flowers and a little stool.

breakfast with flowers...
After buying strawberries, flowers and all kinds of oriental snacks we had breakfast at "Sowohlalsauch", a popular café near the farmers market. We were so early, it was easy to get a table...usually it's very crowded as well. Great people spotting location, sometimes you get to see German celebrities walking by or having coffee.

Where's the birdy?
The guy at the table next to us went inside to get a newspaper. While he was gone, a sparrow took some hearty "bites" from his bread roll...we couldn't warn the guy in time when he came back, he continued eating the roll oblivious of the beak marks...

I heart coffee.
I think the barista loves jumbo latte had a heart on top, my husband's didn't.

market flowers "in situ"
...back home, I put the flowers in water...this doesn't look quite real, does it?

lilies of the valley...
...and placed the lilies in a vase my mother had as a child...this shot looks so staged as is!

And for good meassure I'll throw in some shots of our balcony, taken from the kitchen window:

our balcony - view from the kitchen window
The "viney" plant is wisteria, but I doubt it will ever bloom. I like that it looks like a garland though.

our balcony - view from the kitchen window
Lavender and faux lavender (looks like lavender but isn't as fragrant) are the only things that tend to survive the scorching summer sun...the butterflies like it too.

balcony - bird bath and faux lavender
Our tiny bird bath...about the size of my palm...only for very tiny bird butts. I have to refill it every morning. A pair of greenfinches stops by every day to take a bath as does the little tit which practically lives with us.

That's it! If you feel up to it - maybe you'd like to do the same? I'd love to see where you live!

I have to write a lot of copy this weekend - a freelancer's work is never done...

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


lisa s said...

lovely lovely lovely
the flowers. i can almost smell them

My Castle in Spain said...

So happy, i found your blog, through Yoli...
Berlin is one the places which tempts me so much..
I love your lilies bouquet...mmm..

Anke said...

Hi there - you have to visit Berlin some time...definitely a place to see! :)

bandelle said...

If that's Berlin then I would love to hop on the next plane! The outdoor market looks like so much fun and your flower shots are beautiful.


automatism said...

Love your flower photos -- gorgeous! And thanks for sharing your great day at the market -- now I want to go to Berlin, too!


Anke said...

Thanks all of you! I'll definitely try to takemore Berlin related photos...if I can bring myself to schlep my huge camera around...I love it, but god, that thing is heavy! :)