Wednesday, July 16, 2008

girl crush (and a red pepper hummus recipe)

So happily married, I have to admit - I have a huge girl crush on Nigella Lawson. She is funny, intelligent and I absolutely adore her accent. That she's a great cook goes without saying. I really like her fuzz free recipes. Her show is not on TV over here (which might be a good thing as they tend to lipsync everything to death), but luckily I found her on youtube. I can watch Nigella for hours, the only downside is that I get hungry almost instantly.
She's also amazingly beautiful (I wish I'd know how she does her eye make-up!) - without being a stick insect. Watching her sabotages every notion of mine to diet myself back into a size 4. Because let's face it - I was always cranky and miserable back then. Constantly nervous. Easily irritated. That's what living on tofu and only the tiniest amount of carbs will do to you. Nigella just seems so confident in her own body (and men seem to like her too). I truely believe the world could be a better place if we all released our inner Nigella. :)

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