Friday, July 18, 2008 you covered!

If you do a search for "headbands" on etsy, it comes up with 14,253 items...and that's just the handmades. I love headbands because they are almost like little hats...they spice up boring outfits and save bad hair days. Simple or many possibilities!
I dug through all 14,253 headbands and here are my favourites (so far):

Monarch Butterfly Crown Headband by charm school design.
This would be lovely for a wedding paired with a simple black dress...but try not to outshine the bride.

Wide Peacock Eye Feather Headband , also by charm school design.
Oh yes...I really need one of these. The feathers are simply stunning. In fact all of the charm school design headbands are so beautiful, it's hard to actually pick a favourite.

sparkle headband by the candy thief.
They are custom made according to your color preference and remind me of fall leaves. Autumn might actually be the perfect season to wear one...

Last but not least: grey mod pod flexible headband by Precocious.
I actually ordered this one. Covered with Amy Butler's "Midwest Modern Martini" fabric it's simple but cute.

(photos: respective etsy sellers)


bandelle said...

I love headbands, too. Perfect for the summer! Thanks for your Double Take movie suggestion. I haven't seen it yet but I'll definitely check it out.

Have a lovely weekend.


Anke said...

please do - I'd love love love to see it! :)