Thursday, July 31, 2008

London, part one

We are back! I've loved this city ever since I was 16 and on my first "grown up" holiday - two weeks in London taking a language course to improve my speaking practise. (But I was too shy to open my mouth most of the time.) If I could choose where to live - London would be my first choice. So here a couple of pictures in more or less random order... I wrote down so many things and places I wanted to visit and hardly got anything done!

Little Venice
Our friend Kathrin just recently moved to "Little Venice" (even so it reminds me more of Amsterdam). Absolutely beautiful.

Little Venice
There were boats covered in flower pots (not this one obviously) and it is just so quiet and peaceful.

VERY fat cat
Sad, but it cracked me up anyway...the cat is probably too mortified to come home. They even underlined the "very".

I hope the roses are hers... She was walking right in front of me when I set out from Little Venice to Portobello Market on Saturday.

Portobello Market
Portobello Market. I think half of the tourists coming here are just looking for the famous blue door and the travel book shop...there are even guided tours to show you all the other famous spots from the film ("Notting Hill" was shot in 1999...almost 10 years ago!)

Sherlock Holmes tiles at Baker Street tube station
No...not a Sherlock Holmes themed bathroom...the Baker Street tube station is tiled with the likeness of the famous detective. (I'm a huge nerdy fan.)

I think I'll need seperate posts to describe Tate Modern and my shopping experience...I was browsing mostly...really...I've been very good...


Mona said...

Your photos are gorgeous,I wonder if you have mastered the art of not looking so much like a tourist, I am usually a bit shy about using my camera when I am in unfamiliar surrounding...I get a rush snapping photos but sometimes I just want to blend in.

Anke said...

Thanks, Mona! :) I try to blend in by wearing what I would wear at home (tourists in Berlin usually look like tourists because they are wearing funny shorts or vests with 100+ pockets and carrying a weeks supply of food and water...why oh why?). I put the camera in my huge pink bag and only take it out when I actally take a picture. Also very important - I try to "go with the flow" and not to stand in the way, even when I take a picture. It's very annoying when tourists just stop dead right in the middle of a busy sidewalk... :)