Thursday, July 24, 2008

natural beauty

This is the Italian home of German designer Katrin Arens. The furniture made from mostly recycled materials are her own design.

My favourite room. I love the headboard and the knitted the whole room.

The book cases!

The cabinet doors and concrete work top...sigh...try doing that when you are renting....

Salmon is usually not one of my favourite colors, but it looks quite pretty here...

Beautiful dining table with Arne Jacobsen chairs and I really like the cupboard. It's closed with a...branch?

(Pictures:, where you can find more pictures and read about Katrin Arens and her beautiful home. In German.)


I'm still interested in your favourite London hang keep'em coming...! :)


Leslie said...

very pretty. thanks for sharing!

lisa s said...

oh my god. what an amazing space... sigh....

i'm so jealous you are going to london. i wish i could fit in your suitcase

automatism said...

Love this! Thanks, Anke!


Anke said...

Lisa...I'd love to take you - I'd even take out my clothes to fit you in. :)