Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So...I'm back!

Hi everyone, I know, I know...it's been a really long time, but I hope you are still there...thanks for your sweet comments during my absence, I guess I just never thought anybody would actually miss me (no no, not fishing for compliments here...swear). I started two posts (Lori, thanks for tagging me - if you're still interested, I'll answer your questions with pleasure!), but somehow I never got up the energy to actually finish them. I'm taking multivitamins now, hope this will help. :)

Berlin has cooled down a lot, I'd say this July (so far) is the rainiest and coldest we've had in years. Good thing when you are on the fifth floor...thank god the balcony is huge, we use it as an outdoor office in summer.

So what have I been up to? I've been working, traveling a bit and lately I've become obsessed with sewing. Really obsessed. Unfortunately the obsession with sewing goes hand in hand with an obsession for fabric and sewing patterns (mostly vintage and not in my size...hope to find a tutorial that helps me alter them)...I've become an Etsy junkie. Eek!!!

This was my first dress and I'm ridiculously proud that it actually turned out to look like a dress:
my first dress!

I bought a collection of the "Built by Wendy" patterns and her "SEW U" book and it has been a huge help. I've learned sewing 20 (can this be right???) years ago and made trillions of pillow cases and curtains since then, but not really anything remotely fit to be worn out on the street. There is a HUGE pile of fabric on my desk just waiting to be turned into dresses...hope I can graduate from Wendy to other patterns soon.

XXXOOO and thanks again for your patience...


automatism said...

Welcome back, Anke! Lovely to see you in the land of blogs again. No worries about the tag thing -- it's just for fun, so don't feel obligated! Sounds like you've been having a great time sewing up a storm (cute dress!) and generally enjoying life -- and that, of course, is more important. Glad the weather's cooling down for you, too!


UmmIbraahim said...

Hi there, I bought a vintage dressmaking book with cardboard french curve and ruler on ebay, in this book it tells you how to alter your patterns. It is called the perfect fit and also a friend of mine told me of lutterloh, but I think that one is a pattern making kit.