Wednesday, August 27, 2008

just a...

...quick post today. My brother is in town and was shopping up a storm - with me in tow as I've been his fashion advisor for years. He usually follows my advise blindly, he's my creature... (insert evil laugh and random Frankenstein movie theme here), but today we actually argued about ties. I told him he'd be the toast of the office in a grey suit with a mustard yellow tie, he wanted navy with dots (booooooring!)...we compromised on a dark purple one with stripes. The last time he put up a fight like this I dressed him in my knitted skirt and put his hair up in pigtails. (He was two.)

Crave worthy product of today: The Font Clock by Sebastian Wrong.

"The clock uses twelve different fonts within the mechanism which provide a random, mixed and ever-changing display of the fonts. The twelve fonts are all twentieth century designs apart from one which is an English 18th century script. At a given point within the annual time cycle, all the fonts will run together for 5 minutes." Wow.
(available at Or the low-budget version: Flap by Habitat. It doesn't change fonts but shows the months and days of the week in either French or English.

Last but not least: please remember that tomorrow, Thursday, is Nie Nie Day...


lisa s said...

your brother should have listened to you :)

the nienie story is tragic...

Anke said...

He's going through a rebellious phase right 32...I can't say I like it. :)
Hopefully they were able to raise a lot of money...and fingers crossed the Nielsons recover soon.