Friday, August 01, 2008

London part 2/Tate Modern

Thirty Pieces of Silver
Ursprünglich hochgeladen von <<graham>>
I think we must make it a habit to go you the Tate Modern whenever we are in London. We've been the last time we were there and it's always breathtaking...the building, the location, the exhibitions.
While being there we realised that my husband and I have a totally different approach to art. We both got the audio guide, but while he only looked at the pieces explained on tape (if he liked the painting or not), I wandered around and finally abandonded the guide completely. He's more interested in the background info on an artist or his work, I go by what grabs my attention.

My favourite pieces:
"Thirty Pieces of Silver" by Cornelia Parker - well actually thousands of pieces of silver (knives, forks, cigarette cases, anything you can think of) flattened by a steamroller and suspended from the ceiling. Absolutely gorgeous.
Here are some others in random order: George Grosz "Mirror of the Bourgeoisie", Francis Picabia "Fig Leaf", Wilfredo Lam "Ibaye", Zoe Leonard "Untitled (for Barb), Ernst Wilhelm Nay "White Spring", Gerhard Richter "Cage 2", Cy Twombly "Natural History Part 1 (Mushrooms)".

And my absolute favourite: Mark Rothko "Untitled 1950-52". This painting actually moves me and I can't put my finger on why. The colors just do something to me... I was afraid it would be at the Rothko exhibition in Hamburg. This is one of my favourite paintings of all time. I'm thinking of getting this as a 'life sized' print but I'm not sure if that would be a bit cheesy.

There was another piece I liked that couldn't find a picture of "480x10x10" by Miroslaw Balka. It takes "soap on a rope" to a new dimension...pieces of soap on a steel rod, suspended from the looked like a giant multicolor beaded necklace.


lisa s said...

i so so so so want to go to the tate!

and i love reading about when people have such moving art experiences


Freshly Found said...

I will HAVE to add the Tate to my list of places to visit next time I can get to London!

Anke said...

You both have to go - it is amazing and such a eye-opening experience. No other museum has ever done that to me.