Monday, August 04, 2008

London -third and last part

The only picture I took at Tate Modern (as I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the artwork)...
View of the Millenium Bridge...
...Millenium Bridge, shot from a very dirty window on one of the upper levels.

On my "Shop Browsing Tuesday" I visited an old favourite.
Japan Centre
The Japan Centre, on Piccadilly, right next to Piccadilly Circus. It came a long way since I've last been there. There is a huge grocery section and a travel agency and a bookstore downstairs. And yes...they stock some of the much coveted Japanese craft books and magazines such as Cotton Time! (And don't you just love her gingham top?)

I bought my lunch there...
Onigiri! Triangular shaped stuffed rice balls. The packaging keeps the nori (seaweed) away from the riceball until you eat it, so it stays nice and crunchy. Absolutely ingenius system. The bonito (dried tuna shavings)/soy sauce variety was the best.
Here you can see me sitting on one of the steps of Piccadilly Circus, balancing my lunch on my knee.

pub/Carneby Street
A cute pub on Carneby Street called "Shakespeare's Head". Kathrin and I met some friends of hers in a pub (not this one) on Marylebone Highstreet (another great shopping location) and boy - these English can drink!

It was extremely hot in London and at one time I actually thought I had a sunstroke. There was just no way I could or would shop for clothes. Even so everything was on sale...
I went to (among many many others ) Urban Outfitters , Cath Kidston and wanted to go but couldn't find it (my map wasn't detailed enough) Orla Kiely.

Then I got to ZARA home and couldn't resist any longer...
my souvenirs...
I bought embroidered sheets (On sale! 12 pounds - marked down from 49!) and salad servers. Will definitely post a better picture once the sheets have been washed and ironed.
*Update* I just found out Zara Home now offers international online shopping...oh no...someone lock my credit card away...please...

Other shops on my list that I didn't get to see:
Designers Guild, Labour&Wait, Parma Lilac, Brissi and many more. Luckily I can browse a bit online.

And I bought always... I have's an addiction...about 10 of them...including Living etc. which is my second favourite interior design magazine (Just in case you were wondering: BoligLiv from Denmark is my absolute favourite. A very good third place goes to House and Leisure from South Africa...beautiful but hard to get over here.)

When I was 16 and in London for the first time, I watched this movie and absolutely loved it.
Things I bought back then (as far as I remember):
- super-sparkly eyeshadow pigments in silver and lavender
- a one yard long false braid
- a Hippodrome London sweatshirt (it was a famous night club back then and I felt super-hip...but I was - as you can probably tell - super-nerdy)
- a gazillion of Marilyn Monroe postcards
- a Marilyn Monroe tshirt
- earrings...giant...huuuge hoops, bigger than a bangle and a pair that looked like a toothbrush set...
(Needless to say I wore all my purchases - including the braid, not including the postcards - when my parents picked me up at the airport...sorry Mum and Dad - I guess my teenage years were hard on you.)


lisa s said...

now i really want to eat onigiri. i had one almost daily in japan.... :)

so glad you had a nice trip!

bandelle said...

Oh, I love London! Looks like you had a great time and I'm so jealous of your shopping trip to Zara Home (we don't have that store here).


Anke said...

Lisa...I made onigiri once but mine were much to big and with too much stuffing...the Japan Centre grocery store is devine and everything is superfresh. Wish we had that here!

Kylie - everytime I'm in London I drop by Zara home - sadly we don't have them in Germany either. Maybe if you keep mentioning them on your blog Zara will reconsider and open stores in the US? :)

automatism said...

This is so fun! Thanks for sharing your impressions of London -- I love seeing a city through someone else's eyes!