Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Anybody flying to Finland soon?

Moomin cookie cutter
Ursprünglich hochgeladen von Lana Stewart
Hi there, I'm back and currently catching up on jobs and household chores.
We had a wonderful week in Sweden (again!) and staying in a little hut in the woods somehow rekindled my Moomin love (I know they are actually from Finland.) I even managed to buy a Little My mug at the airport which makes me very, very happy.
Now I'm desperately looking for these Moomin stamp cookie cutters (and a Little My one, of course!). I'd love to have these in time for christmas but they can't be found anywhere, not even on ebay. (Note to self: Must learn not to get obsessed by things.)


Anart Island Studio said...

Welcome back home...;-)))
Ich liebe die Mumins auch, aber leider kann ich Dir bei Deiner Suche auch nicht weiter helfen...;-((

Anke said...

Das weiß ich doch - wir haben uns damals ja über meine Mumintassen auf flickr "getroffen"! :)
Den Schnitt habe ich übrigens heute kopiert und er geht morgen in die Post...

Tusset said...

If you find out where to buy them, I can ask my friend who is working in Helsinki at the moment...

Anke said...

tusset - that's supersweet of you, thank you! I don't want to put you or your friend through any trouble, but would be eternally grateful...they have a Mumin Shop in two locations in Helsinki, one shop is actually at the airport:
It would be fantastic if you could ask your friend, but I totally understand if it doesn't work out for some reason. thnaks again! :)