Monday, September 22, 2008

Longest post ever.

Here a two photos (the only two photos I took - I totally forgot I had the camera in my bag, even so it weighs tons) from the DaWanda "Make it! Shop it! Blog it!" event on Saturday. It was so much fun and so well organized - dear DaWanda team if you should read this - well done, thank you!

Holly spoke first and was very charming, warm, entertaining and inspiring that I'm sure every crafter who didn't have a blog until then went home and started one immediately. (She is so nice and approachable I actually mustered up the courage to go and say "Hi"...right at the end...just before I was leaving...) After a short coffee&cake break (yup - DaWanda even fed us!) cute Nicole was the next one to take the stage - and she took it by storm! I just loved listening to her! - telling us how her blog set so many good things in motion and finally gave her the chance work creatively (and getting paid for it!).

The sweet, talented, generous and very patient bloodybunny and smil showed us how to screenprint bags (they prepared three different motives: a sailor cat, clouds and bees...throwing up a rainbow? It looked pretty cool!). See:



They are hosting a screenprinting workshop soon and I'm very tempted to go.

And I made new friends! Before I even got to the event Juliane (who is probably working on her blog right now!) caught my eye on the street...she was dressed in such a cute and unusual outfit that I just knew she was on her way to "Make it!..." She is a puppeteer (how cool is that?) and makes Waldorf style dolls. Later we met Tatiana who sells the cutest accessories at her DaWanda shop Fräulein Herz. I have never seen such impeccable work - her zippers are perfection. They are both from my neighbourhood so I hope we can get together soon.

Everyone there seemed to have the same biography - they were creative as children, but took a non-creative job either of fear of not being good enough, fear of not earning enough or to please others. I wanted to be a designer, make-up artist, actress (yeah well, not a great idea when you voice fades as soon as people are looking at you), interior designer, graphic designer...(the list goes on) when I was younger. I couldn't decide. And I didn't think I was good enough. So I studied Sociology, PR&Marketing and eventually ended up as a key account manager in an advertising agency. I thought I could be really creative. Boy, was I wrong. As a key account manager you basically get yelled at by the client AND the creative department, while you juggle the budget. I hated (almost) every minute of it. Things got better when I changed to a PR firm and I wrote my own texts. Now I'm working as a freelance copy writer and translator. Much better. Much scarier as well. But I still like to make things.

I realised at the event that what I need is a "profile", a signature style or item so people can recognize it as my work. I make so many different things, I often get distracted. Some items only exist as prototypes. I need to figure out what people might like. so far I know the sock monkeys were the most requested item (I sold custom made ones to people all over the world who contacted me via flickr), but I'm not really into making sock monkeys right now. And I need new labels. A logo, a "corporate design"...even so the key is not to be a cooperation (obviously)...very confusing.

You see - it was a great event and I'm so happy that I was able to go...thanks again DaWanda, Holly, Nicole and everyone involved - you did a great great job!


lisa s said...

so glad you had a good time!

Anke said...

:) Wish you could have been there though...

Nic said...

THANK YOU!!!! :o)


bloodybunny said...

Hallo Anke,
Danke nochmal für die Blumen!
Ich glaube-ohne Dich zu kennen...
ich habe Dich beim Drucken fotografiert!
HA! (Ich bin mir sicher du bist das.)
Ich schicke Dir die Bilder mal demnächst.

viele Grüße,

Anke said...

@nic - danke DIR! :)

@bloodybunny - bitte, bitte! Ihr wart echt super. Da ich mich immer geschickt vor allen Kameralinsen drücke, würde es mich wundern, wenn Du mich erwischt hättest!!! Bin gespannt... :)))