Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Louise Campbell - the Prince Chair


It took me a while to figure out the name and designer of this chair. Louise Campbell designed it in 2001 for a competition to design a chair for His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. The chair didn’t win the competition but was later produced by HAY and seems to be almost a classic now. I love the "doilyness" (is that even a word?) of it, which contrasts beautifully with the modern materials used (the seat is made of laser cut steel and water cut neoprene rubber, laminated with felt and mounted on a powder coated steel frame). Louise Campbell has an awe-inspiring portfolio and is also the mastermind behind the Royal Copenhagen "Elements" tableware series which I crave so much.


lisa s said...

mmmmm. in love

Anke said...

I always think about you when I find doily-themed things! :)