Monday, September 29, 2008

Lucky me.

When I wrote about the DaWanda event in Berlin I told you that I made a new friend there - Juliane who is originally from Berlin and still has an appartment here in my neighbourhood, but lives in Sweden most of the time.
She is a puppeteer (!) but also makes Waldorf-style dolls and all kinds of other pretty things. Like this cute little crocheted mushroom she gave to me last week! I was awestruck and still am, it's just so sweet. And I'm very happy that she stays in Berlin for a couple of days longer.


And good news for all of you - she has decided to start blogging and I'm sure we'll find a lot of eyecandy there. So please go and pay "Fröken Skicklig" (Miss Nifty) a visit.


lisa s said...


Yoli said...

It is beautiful! I will make sure to stop by her blog. Glad you made a new friend.

Anke said...

It will be pretty amazing I'm guessing when she really gets going. :)