Monday, September 22, 2008

Re-doing the dishes.

Look what I found!
These insanely cute dishwasher safe decals from Kirsch Interior might be a solution for all of you who have a truckload of mismatched white tableware (like me).

Dutch couple kissing...*le sigh*...

...cross stitch...

There are also multicolor animal stickers if "African lodge" or "A day at the zoo" is the look you are going for. They come with a detailed instruction sheet and are very well priced. You have to check out Kirsch Interior's online shop - they get featured a lot in German magazines like living&more, Living at Home and Brigitte and I'm always looking forward to their christmas range (they sell a lot of diy kits, too) - pure eyecandy.

UPDATE: You are totally right, Lisa - they are a bit hard to find. Just click here and scroll down...they are mixed in with the new items they added to the shop.


lisa s said...

adorable... but i can't figure out where they are in the shop. i need to be able to read german :D

Anke said...

I added a link to the post...hope that helps! But I'll give you a German lesson any time. :)