Thursday, October 23, 2008

moving swiftly on to...xmas!

Each year I tend to go a little overboard with christmas decorations. No, no - no fairy light deer and santa in the yard...but just because we don't have a yard. The last time I had to force myself away from making more glittery things - it was actually already the middle of January and I was still making bottle trees and ornaments...
By the end of September or whenever it starts to get colder (Halloween and Thanksgiving are sadly not a big deal over here) I get nervous and contemplate what cookies I will bake and if I really need another box of antique glass christmas ornaments. (NO. NO. NO. Trust me.)
And just today I remembered this Danish firm I discovered last year called Walther&Co. that makes the most beautiful christmas things... from glass, wood and most importantly galvanized metal, a material which I like a lot. The way their products are presented is perfect, too. Simple, old fashioned but with a modern twist. Get ready to fall in love...










Are you in the mood yet?


lisa s said...

i'm not in the mood yet, but your pictures certainly help....

Fröken Skicklig said...

Oh, wann seid Ihr in Kopenhagen??? Silberfarbene Eicheln... bitte auf meine Mitbringliste setzen!

automatism said...

These are GORGEOUS! And yeah, I think I'm getting in the mood now ...

Thanks for these! :)


Anke said...

I'm glad I could help! :)

bandelle said...

I love these ornaments because they are not the traditional Christmas colors. Can't wait to decorate!