Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas will be full of color this year.

soft trees

(Soft trees made with the great tutorial by little birds handmade.)

I'm in full christmas mode (as you might have guessed by now, I'm in full christmas mode since the end of September). And who can blame me? It's freezing over here and actually snowing today.You just want to stay inside and make everything around you cozy and sparkly. I'll haul out my christmas boxes this weekend, just in time for the first Sunday of Advent. Can't wait.


Yoli said...

I want the cold weather to start here. We are in the 80's it is so unfair. I too am in the spirit of Christmas but without the cold which I hate.

Anke said...

I know what you mean...once we were in South Africa for christmas and I just couldn't get into a christamssy mood at all...snowflakes and bathing suit just don't go together. :) Sending you cold and snowy thoughts...