Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dansk Plakatmuseum.

Before we can hang more art on the walls of our appartment, we would actually have to move. Not because we have so much stuff already, but we only have very limited wall space. This did not keep me from buying two new posters when I stumbled upon the Dansk Plakatmuseum. I couldn't resist. Wow, what a collection! And - the posters are all very well priced and they only charge the actual shipping costs.

I'm almost sure Yoli likes this one:

I'd pay much more attention to advertising if it would look like this:

Can't wait to find the perfect spot for these.

We really need to move though. Seriously.


Freshly Found said...

It's hard to resist a good buy!

Anke said...

I can't for sure! :)

lisa s said...

oh... i'm a sucker for vintage type. good score.

just move! :)

automatism said...

Ooh! Love these!!!


Anke said...

Lisa and Lori - you should definitely take a look at their website. So much eyecandy. Especially the Sven Brasch posters are pretty fabulous.