Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't you wish... could make your hair look like this?


Isn't this fabulous? I've never really mastered the art of braiding my own hair (it looks a bit lumpy when I'm done), even so I wear it long so I can 'play with it'. (I never do, it looks pretty much the same every day.)
Youtube has a couple of videos that teach you how to braid your own hair.


lisa s said...

i don't have long hair anymore, so no braids for me... but when i was a kid... my poor mom. braids all the time ! :)

Anke said...

I love your haircut! It looks so cute on you...I could never pull it off. And I'd love to see pictures of little Lisa with braids! :)

gracia said...

Yeah, do I ever. Sadly, even when my hair was super long it never looked as ethereal as this.

Anke said...

I guess it just never does if you don't have a professinal stylist...:(

P from H said...

This hairdo really looks like you. The end looks exactly like your hair in the morning! So go try it! :)

Anke said...

...and you are only allowed to say that, P., because you've known me for 17(!) years and my hair does look like that in the morning! :)