Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fröbel stars

...seem to be on everybody's mind today. Well okay, on the mind of two people. We even used the same wrapping paper by house doctor! It has a pattern on both sides, so it's ideal for making Fröbel stars, sometimes also refered to as Nordic stars. There are a gazillion of tutorials out there, even a video one, but I couldn't figure out how to fold these (especially the peaks in the middle...) until Juliane - very very patiently I might seemed like a hopeless cause - taught me how last Friday. Now I can't stop, it's almost like meditating. Well now it first two ended up crumpled and stamped on in fury...

First you have to cut your strips need four for each star.
cutting strips for the Fröbel star

And...tahdah! The finished product on my surprisingly wrinkly hand...
Fröbel star

You should try to make these, it's very calming and relaxing (if you are not aiming for perfection when folding the first one).


Jeanette Lunde said...

Good morning Ü
I love these fun that we used the same paper..he he
I´ve learned that in earlier days they diped the stars i candelwax and sprinkeled them with glitter. That way they lasted a lot longer.

Anke said...

Good morning to you too, Jeanette! :) I'm totally smitten with your lovely blog and looking forward to all your other christmas decorations!
The house doctor paper is lovely...I bought so many rolls last year and this year but I'm still shy to cut's just too pretty! :)

automatism said...

These are so lovely! I might just try making one or two myself ...