Saturday, February 23, 2008

peas in your pad.


There are so many wallstickers around lately. I thought it was a great idea at first (no messy stenciling, peels off when you grow tired of it, etc.), but now I'm a bit bored. Bird-on-a-branch and vines-and-flower decals everywhere you look. That said...I really like this wall sticker "jungle peas" by Ich & Kar...probably because the whole room in which it is displayed is so gorgeous. I'd move in right away.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Right before christmas my friend Andrea and I went to this ceramic painting studio we wanted to try out for ages. The price of the mug, plate, etc. you choose includes all the materials you are going to use, the final glaze and burning in the kiln.
I wanted to keep it pretty neutral in black and white and brought some stamps with me as I was curious how it would turn out.
Stamping on ceramics...not as easy as I thought. The glaze isn't really smooth and kept clogging the small parts of the stamps. I had to wash it off a million times. Andrea finished painting her mugs top to bottom in every color of the rainbow while I was still busy stamping two short words... But it was so much fun!

his&hers. Our names are a bit uneven, but it adds to the charm (hey, I have to say that!)...

i heart coffee. I had to mount my stamp (a tattoo stamp - as in "temporary tattoo you stamp on you skin" - I bought ages ago...why, you ask? No idea...I can't really imagine stamping myself with roses or hearts...or anything else for that matter...) on a painters brush with double sided tape to reach the bottom.

The names are a bit wonky, but overall I like how they turned out. ...and they hold huuuuge amounts of coffee!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

judging books by their covers.

I was browsing the French amazon site and found these books...I'll need to brush up on my French (a lot) to actually read them, but the covers promise excellent eye candy:

(My favourite...just look at the tub...sadly there was no "Search inside" available...)



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