Wednesday, April 30, 2008

...and now for something completely different.

dec cubes2
Ursprünglich hochgeladen von pilllpat (agence eureka)
I just discovered flickr user pilllpat from France. She collects vintage paper templates for toys, school posters etc. and is kind enough to share them on flickr. I've downloaded the cube template on the right, but her collection of pretty things is huge...I'm still clicking through her various albums. She also has a blog.
While fiddling with the cubes I'll probably listen to my newest obsession - BBC radio dramatisations, usually performed by renowned British actors (Stephen Fry!). I'm hooked. Classic tales like "A Room with a View", "Dracula" and one of my personal favourites: The Sherlock Holmes Collection (pretty nerdy, I know) - but they also feature radio plays adapted from contemporary literature. You can listen online to some of them at the BBC 4 website.

Monday, April 28, 2008

do you remember...

...the "Bruni" hanging chair that Carla Bruni designed for habitat's vip collection a couple of years ago? It was also available in black. Sadly they don't seem to stock this hammock seat anymore (while the Helena Christensen flower lamp is still available). I do regret not to have bought the black version when I still could. It looks like it's made of doilies... No idea if it is even comfortable though.
(photo: marie claire maison)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pan Asia Berlin - no, thank you.

I'm apologizing in advance - this is usually a "happy place" where I share things I like with you. But something happened yesterday that just made me so extremely angry that this time I need to vent a little.
Okay. So here it goes.

Friends of my parents (about 65 years old) came to town and I wanted to take them to dinner at PAN ASIA Berlin (it's very much like wagamama in London). We've been there a lot over the years. I called a few days in advance to make reservations, everything seemed fine. We arrived there last night, looking forward to a nice evening, when I had the following conversation with the hostess:
"Hi, my name is XY. I booked a table for three." "But not with us." (Without even looking at the guest list.) "I'm absolutely sure, I've called a couple of days ago..." "No." "Well, there isn't another PAN ASIA in Berlin, is there?" (I know there isn't.) "Yes, there is." (Pardon?) This went on and on. She tried to convice me - aka SHE LIED TO MY FACE - that I made reservations at the other place (which doesn't exist...). I thought I was going mad as I had gotten the telephone number directly from the PAN ASIA website. It was about 8pm, the restaurant was empty but we didn't get a table. We left, I was mortified, it was extremely embarrassing. Getting a table on Friday night at 8pm anywhere in this area is pretty much impossible. As I told you guests were not that young anymore, had come a long way and were really really hungry.

After that I took them to our favourite Indian restaurant in our neighbourhood.

When I came home, I checked my phone records. Of course I had called the RIGHT number to make the reservation...and needless to say a second PAN ASIA didn't exist. And I did a little research on the internet. It turns out I hadn't lost my mind - PAN ASIA does this frequently. Even so you have a reservation, they turn you away (and not very friendy I might add...I've read stories that made me cringe) if they don't like your face or your attire (and yes, we were dressed appropriately). This is bad enough, but no broiled salmon is worth being lied to in a way that makes you question your own mental health.
The area around the Hackscher Markt is always brimming with tourists, so I guess they figure they have enough business as it is and the rules of common decency don't apply to them.

So if you should plan a visit to Berlin in the near future - drop me a line and I'll make a list of nice places to go. ...but don't expect PAN ASIA to be on that list.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Inspiration: Violise Lunn

Is there anything this woman can't do? Violise Lunn is a paper artist and fashion designer from Denmark, she even designed a christmas range for Royal Copenhagen that looks like it's made from gold-plated paper. Everything she makes is just so beautiful and fragile looking. Even her name is pretty!

paper shoe

wedding gown

paper dress


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

just a couple...

...of random shots from our holiday. If you want to, you can head over to my German blog and look at the partner look picture gallery (caution: might induce double vision). For some reason unknown to us there was an incredible number of couples that dressed alike. (There were even more, sadly I didn't get them all.) It was hilarious. I wonder if there is a Flickr group...


hotel am meer


beautiful wooden lattice work

Monday, April 21, 2008


Sorry, sorry - we've been on a mini break and I've not quite settled back in. To everybody who left a comment during the last couple of days: Thank you! Each and every one is much appreciated, I just haven't got around to answer any of them.

The days before we left I actually got a lot of projects done that I had in my head for months. One of them is this patchwork pillow made from vintage Liberty of London fabrics. Somehow I've grown a bit tired of our white on white color scheme and added a bit of black (for contrast) and tiny doses of purples and blues.

patchwork pillow


Sewing the pillow case was fun (if you don't count the zipper part...whenever I have enough fabric I just let the two openings much easier...) - sometimes I get so lost in writing about things that I don't get anything done.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

oh yes, yes, yes! finally!


MUJI is coming to Berlin (address: am Hackeschen Markt 1, Mitte)!!! We passed it yesterday on our way home, the windows are still covered with white sheets (showing the logo...that's how we actually noticed it...duh...). The opening is scheduled for spring 2008 - which means - now! Well...soon! One of my favourite shops of all time and on my must see list whenever I'm in London.
Maybe Anthropologie could open a store in Berlin too, I'll never have to travel again. (Kidding.)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

småfolk. not just for small folks anymore.

The first time I came across the famous småfolk apple print was at a children's clothing shop in our neighbourhood. They had the most adorable tiny baby tights covered with apples, I was actually contemplating to buy them just because they were so cute. And I don't even have a baby. Fortunately they make stuff for big folks now - so I don't have to wear toddler tights on my head (they wouldn't fit anywhere else).

wrap dress

fabric belts

rain jacket

(photos: - a very cute online shop btw and they also ship internationally.)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

if you hate the chore, get prettier tools. part 1

Spring cleaning and organizing - still a big thing over here. So much to do, so little time. There is a writing job waiting for me - as usual I leave it to the last minute and do stuff around the appartment instead. Some people just need to feel the pressure...

Here is a peg bag I made a while ago with a baby hanger and some fabric...peg bags used to make me cringe as the epitome of squareness...but they are so handy! And so easy to sew.
if you hate the chore, get prettier tools. part 1

(This is the first installment of "prettier tools"...a loooot more where that came from...)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

with "font" love.

It seems even IKEA is cashing in on the letter trend that has been around for a while now. I found the cute "KEX" box there which contains I,K,E,A cookies (surprise, surprise!).
a kex! a-kex.

Good news for all you Iolandas, Karens, Erins...
...and Ankes of course.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

wasting precious time browsing etsy (so you don't have to)

Don't you just love browsing etsy? I usually type in a random word and let myself be surprised what happens. (If you are thinking "This woman has too much time on her hands!" you just couldn't be more wrong. Aehm.)
"Black and white" is a new obsession of mine and here are my favourite etsy finds. As I can't buy everything I see (believe me, I've tried), here you go...have your pick.

Devine Mary-Jane-style "Walking in blanket-cloth slippers" by bobilina studio. Too beautiful for words.

Rude but hilarious - "Discreet contempt mini cards" by Earmark invitations. I can't count the times when I would have loved to hand out one of these. I'd add "please lower your voice, you're not as funny as you might think" and "leggings are not pants".

"Together" rings
by yaelfran - so cute and poetic.

"Fogberries" print by
taken by robin lynne. I really like the use of light in this one.

"Blackbird fabric pin" by
in my backyard. Not strictly black and white, but really pretty. Lovely on a black cardigan.

(photos: respective etsy sellers)

Have a nice weekend!

Friday, April 04, 2008

living in a box

I love boxes. You can hide all kind of unsightly things in boxes. The place always looks tidy. (Maybe I should also develop a love for tags...sometimes I forget what is hiding in which box...) Small boxes, big boxes...and self-made boxes. When I have the time I like making boxes. Or to be more precise - covering boxes. I usually use an old shoebox (I rarely throw them out) and my favourite wrapping paper of the day and decoupage them inside (makes them sturdier) and out. I make a template first (lid and body are each made in one go) with a little 'seam allowance' at the corners, cover the paper generously with wallpaper paste and smooth it around the box.

cardboard box
A couple of air bubbles got caught under the paper...that shouldn't happen but sometimes it just does. Pricking them with a needle while the paper is still wet can help to smooth them out.

bathroom shelf - now...

You'll soon get the hang of how to make the templates. If you can, use a sturdy box as a base - it doesn't bend out of shape so easily when the glue dries.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

clever storage

Over here it's all about spring cleaning and organizing (may I direct your gaze to the right side of this page? I even rearranged my links in alphabetical order...finally!) We gave about five bags of clothes to goodwill (years and years of packratting gone...) and generally tried to declutter all the corners that usually attract stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else. If money wasn't an option and we wouldn't be renting I would have build-in closets and drawers everywhere. I'm always looking for clever storage ideas and really liked the concept of these:

These floor cushions are meant to store your guest bedding when not in use. The small one holds a pillow (German sized ones - 80x80cm - so maybe you can fit in two 'internationally sized' ones), the larger one is for the duvet.
That got me thinking: Maybe you could buy one of these unstuffed leather poufs (which I adore, absolutely beautiful) and just do the same thing? It looks big enough to hold two duvets and two pillows. (Our guest bedding blocks half of our wonder we had to give all our clothes away...kidding!)