Tuesday, February 24, 2009

bread love.

Many moons ago, when I was an au-pair in NYC for a year, my mother called me to ask if there was anything she could send me from Germany that I missed in the Big Apple. I missed my family terribly, but they were obviously too large to fit in a package, so I opted for the next best thing on my list: bread. German sourdough or wholegrain bread. I never thought I would miss real bread as much as I did that year. My guest family lived on Wonderbread. I named it "I wonder why they call it bread?!", as it was clearly made from rubber foam. Once in a while my host mother bought a loaf of sourdough bread in a swanky bakery on Upper Eastside. For about 8 dollars. ..but only when they were entertaining and had a very, very fancy dinner. I was almost crying with gratitude when I unpacked several boxes of bread mix and real pumpernickel a couple of weeks later that my mother had sent to me. Needless to say I kept it all to myself.
I could never survive on a no-carb diet. My love of bread goes waaaay back. So yesterday I finally made a bread bag (very much inspired by this tutorial, but I used the oilcloth on the outside and lined it with cotton. It is closed with velcro so all the little crumbs stay in the bag - yay!).
I made a bread bag

We eat a lot of bread, but the last bit always goes stale or dry and using a new plastic bag every time is not good for mother earth.
Are you hungry yet?

While you are having a little snack, I suggest checking out Bjorkes beautiful blog bybjor. She's from the Netherlands, a BoligLiv fan just like me (my master plan is to get you all to subscribe so they will never, ever cancel this fantastic magazine, ha!) and she also has an etsy shop where she sells jewelry made from vintage buttons.


Fröken Skicklig said...

Ich vermisse nicht nur gutes Brot, ich vermisse auch Euch gerade sehr ;-) Liebe Grüsse aus Südschweden!

Allison said...

As an American living in Germany, I can sympathize with you and actually feel sorry that you had to eat our awful bread. One always hears about the famous cheeses and breads from France, but I never knew Germany had such great bread until I moved here. And thus I have affectionately named Germany "the land of bread and potatoes". There is no getting away from carbs here.

This is a lovely project and a really great idea to keep bread fresh. I saw recently that the fabric designer Anna Maria Horner has just released some oilcloth fabrics, which I had never heard of before. This bread bag has sparked my curiosity enough that I just might put it on my projects "to do" list.

lisa s said...

i, too, am a HUGE bread lover. bread and butter is an all time fav. snack. the bread bag idea is truly genius!

P aus H said...

Want one! :)))

Yoli said...

That is my weakness: Bread. If I do not keep it in check I would weigh 300 lbs. Yummy.

Anke said...

Mein liebes Fröken, vermisse Dich auch schrecklich! Komm' bloß bald zurück von den Schweden!

Allison, you should definitely try to make one...and I Will check out the AMH oilcloths...I like her fabrics so these mus be equally devine. In all fairness I have to say I love bagels - they just don't taste as good over here as they do in the States. :)

Lisa - SF is very health concious so I'm guessing you are not talking about Wonderbread! ;)

P...good to know, I can get a headstart on your birthday present! HA!

Yoli - bread is good for you! I'd rather give up chocolate! :)

Allison said...

Let's just say that I feel the same way about the bagels here as you do about the bread in the States, but at least here there is a yummy alternative. However, I do have to say that nothing hits the spot like a nice chewy bagel with cream cheese.... lecker!

automatism said...

I also love good bread, and have never understood how anyone can eat that spongy white stuff either. And now I'm hungry ...


Anke said...

Lori, how is Canadian bread? This bread thing could really turn into one of my favourite topics! :)