Thursday, February 05, 2009

Introducing: Nelly, the sock giraffe. my etsy shop...soon

For years now I've been planning to stock my much neglected etsy shop. Currently I'm working on sock monkeys and other sock critters which will be available soon.

So this is Nelly, the first sock giraffe I made. The idea just appeared in my head and I had to try if it would work. The Argyle pattern was pefect, it looks a bit like a modern take on giraffe spots.


Fröken Skicklig said...

And I can just say: Nelly is perfect, warm and soft! I have had the pleasure to hold her in my hands on our last creative friday (when she was still missing her left ear)
So try to get her or her long-necked siblings before they are sold!

Freshly Found said...

Your sock giraffe rocks! I love the plaid design!

Amy said...

Whoa, Nelly! She's super cute :).

Anke said...

Thanks, you sweet absolutely rock!