Sunday, February 01, 2009

more crafting, less writing.

granny square coffee cozy

It seems I'm always apologizing for the lack of here it goes: I'm sorry. Again. Truth is, time just seems to fly by and there are so many things I want to blog about but totally forget to do so in the everyday swing of things. Pictures from our trip to Copenhagen. Pictures of sock critters. New products or designers I'm coveting. But there are also so many things I want to make and sometimes blogging just seems to distract me from playing with ideas and materials. Like these french press cozies - the large one is made from thick felt with a velcro closure, the other is practically the same but with granny squares thrown in for good meassure.
I just love granny squares.
Years back I had an old history teacher who owned a granny square vest...back then I thought it was the most hideous piece of clothing I had ever seen...these days I'm contemplating to make my own...I need help. Clearly.

Hopefully I'll adapt to the new year soon.


:::fräulein herz said...

du hast die fotos ausm liebling vergessen... die wollen auch noch geschossen und gebloggt werden :-) wann ist wider freitag?
grüßchen vom fräulein h.

Anke said...

In etwa 3,5 Tagen! :)

Freshly Found said...

I also have an absolute passion for crochet work, which make me quite nervous!!!!

Anke said...

You don't have do be nervous...just give in to it, it's so relaxing! ;)