Thursday, March 05, 2009

Barbie & Ken & Karl Lagerfeld

I have a confession to make - when I was little, I was a Barbie addict. I had a lot of Barbies (and Skippers, Todds,...), a horse, a bike and an afghan hound. All Barbie-sized of course. I also owned a Ken doll, but I was never really into him, he looked a bit dorky and had an ape-like grin. His dark blue velvet tux with the burgundy neckcloth only made matters worse (not even talking about his yellow painted on hair or the flesh colored undies).
Luckily, model Baptiste Giabiconi looks much cuter as Barbies date.
Starting Monday, Barbie and Ken will be on display at the Colette boutique in Paris, dressed by the one and only Karl Lagerfeld.
He was extremely busy: Barbie will model dresses, jeans, swimsuits and of course - a Chanel suit.

barbie & ken by karl lagerfeld
Barbie...and Mini-Karl.

barbie & ken by karl lagerfeld
...chatting up Barbie at Ascot.

barbie & ken by karl lagerfeld
"The dress is fab, but darling...the hair!"

barbie & ken by karl lagerfeld
...and they lived happily ever after.


The exhibition will start on March 9th and last until the 6 year old self would probably hijack a plane just to get there.

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