Thursday, March 05, 2009

IMM Cologne

A little while ago, my friends Ilona, Pamela and I visited the IMM Cologne, a furniture and interior design fair. While we enjoyed the whole show, I think the [d³] design talents exhibition was our absolute favourite.

felt puzzle sofa
This was really pretty...the sofa is covered with pieces made from felt that can be attached to each other to form a larger structure. If you are a fan of jigsaw puzzles you can basically cover your whole appartment in felt...make a couch cover for an old sofa and just keep on putting pieces together to make a rug...

cable reel lamp
Genius - a cable reel lamp. How come nobody ever thought of this before?

fold away stool
The origami stool is the solution to all your tiny appartment troubles...after inviting all your friends over to dinner, just flatten them (the stools, not the friends) again and hang them on your wall until your next party. Also doubles as a work of art.

At another venue they showed an exhibition by young designers which was absolutely stunning. They were asked to create a room made entirely from cardboard (well and glue, obviously...)

the cardboard room

glue stick lamp
The picture is a little fuzzy...this lamp was actually made from hot glue sticks attached to a lightbulb.

I would have loved to take more pictures, but the light wasn't great and sometimes you were just not allowed to. Hopefully many of the designs shown at the [d³] design talentsshow will go into production...I especially had my eye on an armchair made from old clothes tied together by what looked like straps that moving companies use. Sounds terrible, but it was actually quite pretty.


Freshly Found said...

So you've had your own amazing Design inspiration too!
I agree about Cape Town. I have never lived there, but it is always so exciting to visit! Hope you will be able to visit there soon! I would be happy to pass on hints of what I enjoy seeing when you do!

Anke said...

Thank you! Oh yes, please do! It might take a while though...February 2010?