Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Labour of love.

My mother mother had an...well...impotant birthday a little over a week ago, so this year a special gift was called for...something lasting....something handmade.
I opted for a pattern by the French company Phildar after seeing a finished example on flickr. They have a huge range of contemporary crochet and knitting patterns (you can also order the supplies needed from their online shop, very convenient).

scarf for my mum

This thing is so hard to photograph! What I like most about the design is the fringe...look closely and you might spot pompoms, tassles, braids, knots and beads.

scarf for my mum

In all, it took about 2 1/2 months (on and off) to finish. A huge project for me, but I enjoyed making it... I'm usually a hit-and-run crafter and get easily bored when things take too long. If you are looking for a long-time project to crochet beside a friendly crackling fire, the "Keffieh" just might be for you.


Mama H said...

wowowowowow wowie wow wow! You are my super-hero. I am a hit-and-run knitter myself... so I am just on the floor in awe of this! xoxo

Anke said...

Jennifer, you are the sweetest - as usual! I figured out the way to master long time steps. I needed to stack the rectangles on top of each other from time to time just to prove to myself I was progressing...

Amy said...

this is GORGEOUS! what a lucky lady your mother is :).

Anke said...

Thanks Amy! She earned it, believe me. :)

ANNA said...

wunderwunderschön, da kribbelts mir schon in den fingern, danke für den tip für die muster...:)