Wednesday, November 18, 2009

matryoshka mania.

To be honest - I was a little fed up with matryoshkas for a while. They kept popping up in every shop, on every tshirt... Now christmas is almost upon us and I realized I do like those little Russian nesting dolls after holiday decoration...they have a special cozy charm...I don't like every matryoschka though...only the very special ones.

I came across the fabulous M-CUPS™ a while ago and instantly wanted them very badly.

Measuring cups and decoration all in one...genius. The cute café and shop in my neighbourhood Misses&Marbles ordered them for me (well, they ordered a couple more so you can have one, too) with what seems like the speed of light. The shop, the sweet owner and their scrumptious cakes are well worth a visit, so be sure to stop by when you are in Berlin.

Another matyroshka-favourite of mine is the blackboard nesting doll from Muji:

Last but not least - these minimalist beauties from Handle&Spout. Beautiful.


Freshly Found said...

Love these High Tech Matryoshka dolls!

:::fräulein herz said...

simple, but so cute! love the matryoshkas!

...and i'm glad you're back :)

gracia said...

Like your three choices but the blackboard one especially so.

Anke said...

I'm glad you all like them as much as I do!