Thursday, December 31, 2009


Happy New Year!

I know I haven't been the most reliable of bloggers during the second part of 2009, so thanks to all of you who still come by and check on me. I'll try to be better in 2010 (don't we all?). On the other hand - less blogging usually means I have more "real" work to do (which after all pays the bills) and I'm grateful for that, too.
2009 was - in all - a good year, I think. It was pretty hard until summer and became a little easier with each passing month (well - December is always stressful, but in a good way).
I'm grateful for my family, my husband, new clients (hooray!) and especially for my friends. I actually made quite a few new ones this year, which I hope will stay with me for a long time. And I'm grateful for friends who have been and still are a part of my life for so many years now. A special "thank you" goes out to my darling Tatiana. We have grown together a lot during this past year and she is absolutely one of the sweestest, most caring people I have ever met. (Psst...her shop in Berlin is almost open for business - if you are ever in the area, you have to visit her!)
Last but not least I'm grateful for and to you, for your comments which in themselves are always a huge encouragement and make the world feel less big, strange and scary.

I wish you and your families a happy, wonderful, healthy, colourful, amazing, exiting and overall sensational new year 2010.
See you soon!

Monday, December 14, 2009

waste not...

Today, I saved my favourite scented candle.


A couple of weeks ago I splurged on a L'Occitane Cinnamon/Orange candle. The scent is devine but I was a little bummed when the candle burned out but almost half of the wax was still left! This probably happens because the container is too wide for the wick. Anyway. I removed the remaining wax from the container, broke it in little pieces and removed the old wick. I melted the wax in an old clean tin, removed a wick from a new tea candle (it was exactly the right length), placed it in the middle of my L'Occitane container and then pourred the molten wax back in. Tadaaah! Looks like new.
Sometimes it's the small crafts (if you can call it that) that are the most rewarding.

Friday, December 11, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas.

Christmas and christmas decor especially is always a big deal for me. If it was up to me, I would start decorating in early October. However, I try to wait until the first Sunday of Advent - and then the fun begins.
I like to make at least one new ornament every year (it is usually more...) and as a little present to you, I added the links to the tutorials for the things I made this year.

deer head
The deer head - I used black and white wrapping paper to match our interior so this fellow might stick around a little longer than just until the end of the holidays. You can find the tutorial here (I enlarged mine by 141%).

advent calendar
I made 24 drawstring bags in different sizes and steciled on the numbers. Boy, I almost cried when I was finally done! My husband gets to open the odd numbered ones, the even numbers are mine. Hurray!

Liberty fabric balls/baubles
These were supposed to hang on our non existent christmas tree and I will add loops to them at some point. I used Liberty fabric scraps (you can never have too much Liberty fabric around the house!) which worked perfectly because it's so thin. Make your own - here is how it is done.

Fröbel star
I made the Fröbel star last christmas and bought the little snowman last year around the same time in Copenhagen (oh, Copenhagen, how I love you).

crocheted chrismas bauble
The star anise scents the room a little without being too overpowering. I have to admit I hate the artificially scented cheap christmas potpourris they use in shops around the holidays. Somehow they make my throat itch and I usually flee when it gets too much. I have no tutorial on offer for the crocheted bauble, but you basically crochet around a small styrofoam ball and in about 10 minutes you are done.

spice rack
This is our spice rack (Can you spot me? I'm actually in this picture...tiny, tiny...). I attached baubles to all kinds of things and in uncommon places (like the rod of our shower curtain) all around the house so you can have a merry little christmas...everywhere.

Well, this is it. I hope you are enjoying the holiday season just as much as I do!