Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas leftovers.

The crochet garland...

This garland was supposed to be part of my christmas décor, but it wasn't finished in time. The colours are not very christmassy, so I put it up anyway, even so I stowed away everything else.
I even tried to incorporate it in my new blog header (still a work in progress). :)

If you want to make your own (for a child's room or to get a super early head start on this year's christmas crafting)- I used paperballs here as well (same base as the flowers - and thank you for all the sweet comments btw!).


Nicholette said...

Hey! I LOVE your garland, it's wonderful...but it does look difficult. I'm impressed. I posted your picture of it on my blog craft envy ( I hope you don't mind!

Anke said...

Thank you, @Nicholette! Believe me, it's not hard to make - I'm not an expert crocheter (?) by any means. :)
If you can work the basic stitches, you can figure it out, it just takes a little patience.
And thank you for mentioning me on your blog!