Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cuddle, cuddle.

About a week ago I finally made something I wanted to sew for a long time...a hot water bottle cozy. Previously I made one from an old and holey cashmere sweater, but it was too thin and didn't keep its shape. This one is nice and cuddly, more like a warm pillow.

One side looks like this...
hot water bottle cozy/back

...and the other looks like this.
hot water bottle cozy/front

(...it's a bit crumpled because I already slept on it. Oh - and I had to turn the pictures from horizontal to vertical, or they wouldn't have fitted into the blog layout...it does look a bit strange, just in case you were wondering...you probably weren't.)

I roughly followed this tutorial, but made a few changes, like adding another layer of fabric. And my random quilting is not nearly as neat as this...not even close!
What I liked about the concept of this cover is that it is sleek and - most important of all - the top with the stopper (is that the right word?) is covered. I think it looks nicer and you can't open the stopper thingie by accident (if you have children - we don't, but you never know - this could be especially important).


Freshly Found said...

What a gorgeous stylish hot water bottle cover!!! Well done.

Anke said...

Thank you so much and I'm happy that you are still stopping by after it has been quiet over here for so long. :)

P aus H said...

I just threw my old hot water bottle into my fleamarket box, because it was so ugly! If you ever feel like making another one... :) On the other hand, you made this wonderful substitute in the shape of a buffalo for us! Have you ever posted that?

lisa s said...

this is beautiful anke!!

Anke said...

@P - I haven't...yet. But I will!

@Lisa Thank you. :)