Friday, January 15, 2010

In spite of are allowed to smile.


Sometimes you see a product and you just have to laugh out loud...this is what happened when I saw the "Blossom&Bill" tray by ISAK, a company specializing in Scandinavian home accessories. They offer kitchen ware, prints, wallpaper and clothing - among other things - all designed to make your day a little brighter.

Even in the aftermath of a tragedy like Haiti, I am a firm believer that smiling, laughing and "carrying on" is not frivolous like some people and bloggers try to make you believe. It is more important that ever.

If you have the means, please make a donation to help the people in Haiti. In Germany, the quickest and easiest way to donate is probably by sending a text to "Aktion Deutschland hilft", more details here. I'm pretty sure there are similar organisations in other countries as well, Design for Mankind has put together an extensive list.

And as my husband said - never forget to be nice and kind to the people surrounding you. There is suffering (whatever form or shape it may take) everywhere and present every day, even if it is not in the news.


DustyLu said...

Love it thanks for he laughs. lulu

Anke said...

You are welcome, Lulu.