Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

(photo: Spools by papersparrow on flickr.)

I'll be off soon to my friend S.'s birthday "ladies lunch" - no men allowed, even so it's Valentine's Day. :) I'm sure it will be fun, if I make it there in one piece...the amount of snow here is unreal.

Something to smile about not only on Valentine's - "Tales Of Mere Existence - My Darling?". Cute!


Natasha said...

Happy valentines day , love your link!

Anke said...

Hi Natasha, I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day as well. If you liked the link you should definitely check out his other films...hilarious!

P aus H said...

Now, THIS is much tastier than a 1-2-3-greeting. And doesn't take more time to send, either. Must remember... :)

Freshly Found said...

What a delightful pic. I have a collection of cotton spools that I am very fond of!