Sunday, February 14, 2010

I totally forgot...

love distressed

...about this photo when I wrote my Valentine's post yesterday. There is so much excellent graffiti in Berlin, that for a while I used to take walks with my camera and took pictures on almost every street corner. Some of them are stenciled on paper and stuck to the buildings with wallpaper paste, so they are only temporary.

S.'s birthday party was lovely - it was scheduled until 3 PM...but eventually I was home no earlier than 8.30 PM. We were eating constantly (when we were not talking...sometimes both at the same time). One of the guests wore a beautiful skirt she designed herself - decorated with fabulous deer illustrations 'attached' with the help of....fabric mod podge! I will have to try this some time.I wish I had taken a picture.
Another one had wrapped her present in a piece of bright orange shower curtain - now that is a recycling idea I would never have come up with myself. But it was fun, colourful and...waterproof. :)

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day - and weekend - too!

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