Thursday, February 11, 2010

Inspiration can strike anywhere, anytime.

color inspiration.

Even if you are only setting the table for breakfast and grab a handful of plastic spoons (we have them in almost every color of the rainbow). I really like this totally random combination of colors, even so dark blue is usually not one of my favourites.


The template still isn't back to normal, since I busted the old one anyway (and couldn't remember what parts I had changed...or how...), I switched to one of the new blogger templates with the fancy options (I really like that you can now arrange the template's elements just by drag and drop...genius), but it also makes it harder to change the template's code. I would really like to replace the sidebar headlines ("archive" etc.) with graphics, but couldn't figure out how to do it. I'll keep trying.


Pascale said...

I know from experience that changing templates can be quite stressful. Here's a link where you can find lots of step-by-step instructions to change blogger templates:

and more specifically for background images ( and I assume graphics in general) in the sidebar:

Good luck!

(I have a couple more links in the // interesting links // section on my blog.)

Anke said...

Pascale, you rock! I'll check out the links (additionally, I posted in the German blogger help forum...let's see what works faster). Thanks so much!