Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Joy Pillow by Moroso


(photos: stylepark.com)

How beautiful and fun are these? "Joy Pillows" - giant fabric balls for your living room, designed by Edward van Vliet for Moroso.

I made this fabric ball - tiny in comparison - for a friend's baby last year:
fabric baby ball
Now...if I blow up the pattern just a bit and buy enormous amounts of fiber fill...and use non-baby related fabric...ah...a girl can dream.


Emma said...

So sweet! The pic with the sofa looks like dolls house furniture, is it?

Anke said...

Emma it does - I bet you could have awesome pillow fights there! :)

:::fräulein herz said...

ooohhh - das aufgenähte Herzchen ist ja süß!!

Anke said...

...ein Herz für Fräulein Herz! :)

soisses said...

den hast DU genäht? ein traum - auch haben will...