Thursday, March 18, 2010


One of the best things about spring - tulips! (The vase is actually a champagne cooler from Habitat.)

Yes, it seems that spring has finally sprung over here and all my windows are wide open to welcome the fresh air and light (my windows are in dire need of cleaning).

New kitchen chairs!

We have also updated the look of our kitchen and opted for new chairs after two of the old ones came apart. These are surprisingly comfortable as well as beautiful.

I hope spring will stay for a while.


P aus H said...

Love your chairs (also featured on the cover of the current Living & More)! I just bought new chairs myself. Mine are about 80 years old - such a great shot on ebay (6 for 35 bucks!)!

Anke said...

I hope I'll see yours soon 'in situ'! ;)
I've had my eyes on these chairs for a year now and - I found them on ebay, too...absolutely golden opportunity! HAD to buy them.

lisa s said...

yay for tulips and for spring!

Anke said...

Nay to winter and snow! :)